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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As If I'd Never Left

Some facts just resonate and resonate, can’t get enough of them....

* We consist of two parts, soma and genome. Soma arrives and leaves regularly, genome just keeps on. My genome represents unbroken chain that started over three billion years ago, essentially immortal. So when I claim to be mortal, that’s only half the story.

* The universe is the most efficient simulation of itself. Similarly, a random number is the most efficient way of expressing itself. Lovely, profound, satisfying.

* Search for meaning in life is pointless, the universe is what it is, no more and no less. Nothing to do or achieve. Such a relief.

* We’re not designed for happiness, we’re designed for survival and reproduction. Happiness, when we experience it, is an epiphenomenon. Again, a relief.

* So much “artificial” unhappiness is created by unrealistic expectations of happiness. As Geneen Roth pointed out, despite spending at least half our lifes in discomfort, we keep thinking happiness is our normal condition.

* Just to rub it in: happiness, happenstance and haphazard have the same (Greek) root. Happiness isn’t something to be figured out, it’s an unexpected gift of the gods.

* To sit still and become aware of the stuff of mind: chaos made (more or less) visible. Mind minding. Breath breathing. (Ears earring?) Gratitude for life, gratitude for awareness of life...


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